Real “Childlike” Faith

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  1. It is amazing what we can learn from children, especially children who seem to have nothing in our eyes. I remember being in Cambodia and watching girls dancing and singing “I am a child of God.” Like you mentioned, their joy was remarkable, especially because if anyone had a “right” to not be joyful it was these girls who had been used and abused over and over again (they had been rescued out of human trafficking). Thanks for tell your stories.

  2. I love that you’ve shared this. They have so little and yet their hearts are overflowing with love, joy and gratitude.

  3. This is so cool! It sounds like it was a pretty amazing trip. I know we are so so spoiled here, it’s so eye opening to go to countries that have little and yet love so much more. Clearly, we need to learn from that!

  4. This is beautiful… “‘Childlike faith’ is being so wrapped up in love for Jesus that you just can’t imagine dedicating your dreams and life to anything else.” What an amazing example of the joy that can be ours as believers these precious children display! Thank-you for sharing this here… I am inspired to live joyfully in Christ!

  5. I’ve been to India once on business, and my husband has been twice. Both of us have gotten to visit our sister churches there (in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore). This Christmas we’ll be going with our three children to Chennai in lieu of Christmas gifts. We’ll be visiting the orphanage attached to our church there, as well as the home for children with AIDS. I can already feel my heart softening and changing as we prepare for the trip.

    The stories you tell of these children are beautiful.

  6. Oh, I love their faces. Such joy and innocence. Even when life is hard. Thanks for sharing about your life-changing visits. Jesus loves the little children!

  7. Incredible. I am both inspired and broken over the stories you share. I am so selfish compared to these generous, joyful children. Thank you for giving me this much-needed reminder of what it means to share the love of Christ.

  8. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to read this, and I had to fight back tears. Wow. It is a beautiful testament beautifully written, and I hope I will remember often to be more like these children.

  9. What a beautifully post and beautiful children! The gifts they gave you are definitely things we all need to live by (joy, cheerful giving, mindedness, generosity, etc). Thanks for sharing!

  10. Stumbled upon your blog through the “Christian Women Bloggers Unite” Facebook group, and I’m glad I did!
    Lots of times, children, especially those who have so little and yet have experienced the love of Jesus, really have so much more to give and to teach us than what we can pass on to them. Thank you for this sharing this 🙂

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