There Are No Shortcuts to Holiness

When God saves us and puts a new heart within us, we will genuinely desire to grow in holiness. But the problem is, we often want shortcuts.

We want to BE without the hard process of BECOMING.

We want to be patient without having our patience tested.

We want to be forgiving without others sinning against us.

We want to be passionate without practicing spiritual disciplines that stir passion.

We want to be generous without saying no to materialistic desires.

We want to be loving towards our enemies without having enemies.

We want to be kind without being provoked.

We want to be bold without being opposed.

We want to be steadfast without facing trials.

It’s so easy for me to read a book or hear a sermon or write an article about some aspect of godliness and think that that—in itself—will change me. But it won’t.

Holiness only comes through testing. When we fight temptation, encounter others’ sin, and endure trials, God empowers us to BECOME all of those things we want to be.

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  1. I’m SO glad this came in my mail!!! I did see it in Facebook and shared it—so good!!!

    Love mom

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