God, Transform Us

God, transform our minds—

Help us meditate on your Word and remember your promises. Fill our thoughts with what is true, just, pure, and lovely. Set a guard over our minds from everything false and corrupt.

God, transform our eyes—

Help us see the dignity of every person you have made. Help us see your majesty when we behold the beauty of creation. Set a guard over our eyes against lust and covetousness—help us look to you as our satisfaction.

God, transform our ears—

Help us hear the preaching of your Word with fervency and listen to others with humility. Help us turn with compassion towards the cries of the suffering. Set a guard over our ears against gossip, slander, and falsity—incline us towards truth.

God, transform our mouths—

Help us lift our voices in prayer and praise. Give us boldness to share the gospel and speak up for the oppressed. Fill our lips with encouragement for the weary, gentle correction for the wayward, and kindness to the lonely. Set a guard over our mouths and keep us from harsh and unholy words.

God, transform our hands and feet—

Help us labor for your glory. Transform our toil into worship, use our work to bless the world. Help our hands pause to bring comfort and our feet run to bring good news. Guard us from pursuing earthly treasures, fleeting pleasures, and shallow endeavors.

God, transform our hearts—

Help us love you as our Creator and Savior, Father and Friend. As you have loved us, help us love others—with steadfast faithfulness. Empower us to love our enemies and forgive those who hurt us. Guard our hearts from idolatry, pride, bitterness, and hate. Capture our deepest affections.

God, we cannot transform ourselves. But we are not left to ourselves—give us grace to resist temptation, strengthen us to obey, reshape our hearts until they mirror your own.

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