Favorite Organizations

There are multitudes of charitable organizations. Some are fruitful in their efforts and responsible with their resources, others are not. Some strategically offer support focused on sustainable change, others serve as a crutch and cause more harm than good.

There are many facets to consider before giving to any organization. As we seek to give generously, we should carefully consider where we send our financial support. The ministries below meet my personal criteria: they are Gospel-centered, fiscally responsible, and effectively offer long-term and holistic solutions.

1. Ratanak International  works in Cambodia. The majority of their efforts are focused on the prevention, rehabilitation, and reintegration of those who are at risk or have been exploited. One way I find them unique is how they support other NGO’s. They have no sense of competition, but rather seek to excel in their ministry, while also lending support to organizations that fill other gaps. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know several of their staff members, including the founder, Brian McConaghy, and am both impressed and thankful for the excellent work they do in Cambodia.

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2. Covenant Mercies serves fatherless and parentless orphans in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Zambia. It prioritizes collaboration with indigenous churches and offers sustainable solutions to over 1,300 children. Through their sponsorship program, children receive nutritional, educational, physical, and spiritual support. It is relatively small compared to organizations like Compassion International (another favorite of mine!) but it has proven faithful to its mission and fruitful in its work.

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3. Women of Hope International works in Sierra Leone with physically disabled women. These women face discrimination, physical and sexual abuse, and isolation, as they are considered cursed by God because of their disabilities. Women of Hope offers Christian discipleship, job training, health education, and more to this vulnerable community.
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4. World Relief partners with local churches across the globe to provide disaster response, health and child development, refugee support, economic development and peacebuilding.
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