Recommended Books, Movies, and Sermons

1. Few authors have impacted my life like Randy Alcorn. His book, The Treasure Principle, offers a brief but powerful perspective on money. It is short enough that it can be read in 1-2 sittings, and good enough that it should be re-read often.

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2.  Managing God’s Money is even better, offering more thorough insights regarding the godly use of money. It will challenge you, help you, and more than anything, excite you about the joy of God-honoring stewardship and generosity. If you could only ever read one book offering a Biblical perspective on money, this should be it. It’s THAT good.

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3. As immigration becomes an increasingly hot topic, it’s important to become informed about the issue rather than relying on politically charged nonsense. While one book could never sufficiently cover every facet of an issue so complex, Welcoming the Stranger is accessible, informative, and thought provoking. It provides many valuable insights and is rooted in a Biblical worldview.

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4. The refugee crisis has reached unprecedented levels. Christians must urgently seek Biblical wisdom and Christ-like compassion to shape their response. This sermon, preached by David Platt to The Gospel Coalition Counsel, is a compelling starting point.

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5. Russell Moore offers a Gospel-saturated, theologically rich view of adoption in his book, Adopted for Life. It will serve those who aren’t sold on the idea of adoption AND those who are already enthusiastic advocates.

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