Living Generously in Financial Adversity

17 thoughts on “Living Generously in Financial Adversity”

  1. Lovely and true words. I know personally we’ve given more in our seeming leanest time this past year — it comes from true gratefulness for what you have been given.

  2. Thank you for the reminder! I recently left a job to be at home with the kids. The bank account is lower than ever. It is tempting to cut back proportionately on the giving. But I have to hang on to the truth that God provides so we can give generously.

  3. Excellent reminder that God takes care of His children! He always provided for us in those seasons when we were lacking, even though it wasn’t necessarily in ways we imagined. One song that kept coming to mind when my husband was unemployed for a long time was “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”. He amazed us then (and continues to do so) with His faithfulness and provision for our lives!

  4. Thank you for this. It was beautifully written and so timely for me. This is something the Lord has specifically been speaking to my heart about. So I am so encouraged by this. Such a blessing.

  5. I have to remind myself sometimes that God doesn’t always “give back” the same way we give to Him. It helps me to take notice of how He’s blessing me when I intentionally look for ways He’s “giving back” to me in unique ways. Recently, I was getting really frustrated with my lack of career/income (I’m a hairstylist by day and I just can’t commit to working the evenings/holidays/long hours needed to be successful with my young kids) but then I had an ah-ha! moment and realized God has blessed me through my husband (Who just got a new job!). In it’s own way, it’s still a financial blessing as it leaves me free to stay home and care for my children. Maybe my lofty career goals were not fulfilled but the more important goal, of being there for my kids, was. God is good 🙂

  6. In one of his books, Bryan Davis used the story of the Widows’ Mites to provide a powerful image. While meditating over decision, one of the characters reaches into her pockets to discover two pennies. She recalls the Widows’ Mites and decides to offer everything she has to God, much like the widow did. I won’t drop any spoilers, but what happened next was indeed a sacrifice.

    Now whenever I think about giving – both time and money – when I’m in a hard spot, I recall both the Widow’s Mite and Davis’s story. Thank you for writing this post!

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