Christ Came to Us in Love.

He came in love.
While we were still His enemies, He came and loved us first so that we might love Him back.

He came in generosity.
Laying down His crown, He came and became poor so that we’d gain the riches of His grace.

He came in righteousness.
Fulfilling the law that we kept failing, He came so that we could claim His righteousness as if it were our own.

He came in mercy.
Knowing we couldn’t earn our forgiveness, He came to secure it for us by taking our punishment upon Him.

He came in patience.
While we wandered and rebelled, He came to demonstrate his perfect patience and bring us to repentance.

He came in glory.
The fullness of His glory veiled to human eyes, He came to reveal Himself as our Savior King, the Truth and the Life.

He came in victory.
Rising from the grave, He came to crush the head of Satan, loose the power of death, and secure our eternal hope.

Praise Jesus–God incarnate–that He came to seek and save the lost. Because He came, we may know Him, be forgiven by Him, and be raised up with Him forever.

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