Sanctity of Life Sunday 2019

Sometimes abortion hides under the guise of mercy. The argument goes something like this:

Isn’t it better to abort an unwanted baby than to let them enter into a world where they’ll be abused, neglected, or abandoned?

No. The answer is unequivocally, unapologetically, and universally, NO.

Choosing life is always the right choice. ALWAYS. We must vehemently refuse to entertain the notion that unwanted unborn babies are better off dead. It is a wicked and ruthless lie. Wearing a mask of concern, it reinforces the message to children who HAVE been neglected, abused, or abandoned, that their lives weren’t really worth living. And speaking as someone who knows and loves many children who’ve suffered such pain, that message can go to hell—the home where it was born.

Maybe you think I’m being too strong. I disagree.

standforlifeMy daughter’s backstory is shrouded in mystery. I don’t know many details (nor would I owe them to you) but I do know this, she fit the profile of a baby who “should have just been aborted.” I thank God that she wasn’t. Her life had immeasurable worth while she was still in her birth mother’s womb, it had immeasurable worth on the day she was abandoned, it has immeasurable worth now.

So for her, and for the millions like her, I will always and unapologetically speak up for the unwanted and unborn.

After such strong words I believe it’s vital to add: there is abundant and redemptive grace available to every mother who’s ever had an abortion (and every father who’s supported it). Jesus gives freely and extravagantly. If reading this was painful because you feel the bitter sting of regret, please run to Him. He will never, EVER withhold forgiveness from those who seek Him.




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