10 Quotes: Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry just might be one of my favorite communicators of all time. Whether through teaching, poetry, or prose she seizes attention and points it to God.

Gay Girl, Good God is a beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness, overflowing with Biblical truths that will challenge and encourage any Christian. I couldn’t put it down. Aside from being mesmerized by her excellent craftsmanship, the greatest gift lies within the actual content. She hits a striking balance of delivering truth with boldness and beauty, clarity and compassion.

Here are 10 quotes (I read this on my kindle, so I had to note by chapters instead of page numbers):

  1. If the truth is what sets us free, then why not walk in it at all times? With wisdom and love, of course, but also with the reality that truth is where freedom begins. (Intro)

  2. Unbelief doesn’t see God as the ultimate good. So it can’t see sin as the ultimate evil. It instead sees sin as a good thing and thus God’s commands as a stumbling block to joy. (2)

  3. When the Holy Spirit made His home within me, He snatched the blinds down and let the light in. Not only could I see God and His glory with a smile on my face, but I could also see sin for the liar that it was. (9)

  4. Christ did not die to redeem us in part. Neither did He rise so that we might have life in portions. But with us having a body made for Him, as well as the mind, will, personality, and emotions that it contains, we must understand that God is after us becoming victorious over any and all sin that would hinder the whole person from serving God fully and freely. (10)

  5. If He is the Creator, then we are created. If He is Master, then we are servants. If He is love, then we are loved. If He is omnipotent, then we are not as powerful as we think. If He is omniscient, then there is nowhere to hide. If He cannot lie, then His promises are all true. It is faith in the truths of God’s character that has the power to completely revolutionize how our lives are lived out. Not only that, there is so much joy to be had on Earth because there is more glory in God than we can imagine. (15)

  6. We must place our ultimate identity not in who we are, but in who we know God to be. (15)

  7. The crucified life is the life set on enduring until the end when once and for all, the cross is replaced with a crown. (16)

  8. Unbelief, just like Satan, will always take the easy way out. It will tell us to eat the fruit in exchange for knowledge, instead of fearing God to gain real wisdom. Unbelief will unravel our perceptions of both suffering and the blessedness of life and beckon us to skip self-denial at all costs with the faux promises of comfort that can’t extend beyond the grave. (16)

  9. For the unbeliever that is SSA (same-sex attracted), God is not mainly calling them to be straight; He’s calling them to Himself. To know Christ, love Christ, serve Christ, honor Christ, and exalt Christ, forever. When He is the aim of their repentance, and the object of their faith, they are made right with God the Father and given the power by the Holy Spirit to deny all sin—sexual and otherwise. (17)

  10. The reason to turn from sin has always been so we can turn towards Jesus. (17)

Do yourself a favor and go buy this book right now. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

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