God Runs After the Runaways

Sometimes I just want to run away.

Run away from responsibilities.

Run away from relationships.

Run away from the monotony of everyday life.

It’s not that I have an exceptionally hard life. Honestly, the opposite is true. But despite that, sometimes I still want to run away. The culmination of little provocations, little disappointments, little frustrations, or little trials compound and all of a sudden, I’m done. Ready to quit. Check out. Flee the scene. Possibly become a hermit.

I just want to run away.

Sure, I know it sounds a bit melodramatic. And I’ll admit that it is. But most people who know me wouldn’t label me a drama queen. I’m generally pretty steady—mentally and emotionally—and have a good head on my shoulders . . . until I don’t. There’s not always a rhyme or reason for reaching my tipping point, but it sporadically happens and next think you know I’m ready to hit the road. Usually figuratively, sometimes literally.

But each time I want to run away, I’m reminded of the God who never runs out on me. When I’m fed up with other people and dealing with their unrealistic expectations and unfair judgements and ongoing sin, I remember that God is never fed up with me. When I’m “so done” with parenting and helping my kids work through conflicts for the umpteenth time, I remember that God is never done helping me. When I’m weary of bringing order into chaos only to have it undone minutes later, I remember that God is never tired of restoring me in the same ways over and over again.

There is so much security that comes in knowing that God never has—and never will—run away. He never leaves or forsakes His children. He never grows weary of working to renew us. He’s never sick and tired of forgiving our repeated offenses. He refuses to reject us even when we choose to rebel.

God runs after the runaways.

He seeks hard hearts with the tenderness of His grace, holding tightly onto us even as we fight against Him. There is nothing, truly nothing, that can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:38-39).

It is a blessed thing that God is not like us. He’s never fed up, overwhelmed, or ready to quit. His love is steadfast, His faithlessness is sure, His forgiveness is vast. And because of who He is, He can help us when we’re tempted to run away.

He is a refuge for the weary. A shelter in the storm. A sustainer of souls. A stronghold for the weak. So instead of running away, let’s run straight to Him.

Author’s note: This article was first published at Her View From Home

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