Broken and Remade

It started out with beauty
A perfect world over which God declared
“It is very good”
There was peace and joy and love
No thorns or thistles filled the ground
Unstained, unmarred, unbroken
Everything—from roaming animals to swaying trees
To ocean waves and Adam and Eve
The earth was perfect and lovely

But sin—
When sin entered, everything broke and shattered
And pain pervaded our new home
The beauty seemed lost
Scattered into pieces
And beyond repair
And now life is marked by sin and suffering
Abuse, murder, jealousy, division,
Sickness, selfishness, poverty, addiction
Loss, hurt, and pain

But God—
As the world broke His heart did too
And He was unwilling to leave it in pieces
So he sent His Son
To be broken for us
He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows
He was crushed for our sin
And took the punishment that bought us peace
By his wounds, ours can be healed

Jesus knows the hurts of our hearts and sympathizes with us
He know what it’s like to be abandoned, rejected, and hated
He knows the cost of sacrificial love
And it is His love that empowers our own
Our tears are not lost on him,
Someday he will wipe them all away

Brokenness does not have the final word
Jesus does
So we can look at our pain in a different light
Oh, our broken pieces may throb and ache
And we may look around at the dust of our lives
And wonder how can anything be made beautiful from this mess

But God—the potter—gathers us up
And he doesn’t just repair what was broken
He makes something new
Something planned from long ago
A story written out carefully
Because He cares for us
And He fills the cracks of our lives with words of grace
And love

Jesus has not left us alone in our brokenness
He has entered into it
And with nail-scarred and sovereign hands
He will gently transform us into something beautiful
And all the scars that leave marks on our lives
Will tell the story of his unfailing love

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