Oh God, Make Us Angry!

2 thoughts on “Oh God, Make Us Angry!”

  1. I appreciate your article (was linked here from The Gospel Coalition) – it is thought provoking and good to remember that there is a righteous anger. I will say, I have rarely, if ever, seen the expression of anger lead to anything good. It may be that we ought to accept our anger, process it internally, but then we actually have to go and suffer alongside those we care about and love. I also don’t think we can start with anger. Anger can only be righteous if we genuinely love someone first. Do we love justice according to our own definition, or do we love people and care about their well being? Do we care about people enough to get into that mess with them and suffer in the same way? (example: a social justice warrior is much different from someone who loves you so much they would die for you). I’m not so sure that, as you wrote, “it is the heat of angry love that will enflame our resolve to keep contending for justice” – that I believe will fade eventually – like when it gets too hard, or nobody follows us into the battle. But a true love for Jesus and his ways will last forever, no matter what may come.

  2. I completely agree with the author’s understanding of righteous anger. I absolutely love the point that anger itself is NOT inherently evil but rather ROOTED in righteousness and is only polluted or warped by sin. This gives us a very real understanding of anger and how we can participate with God in hating what He hates. I do find it interesting that this only applies to racial injustices and abuses and such but NOT tyrannical governments enforcing mandates and lockdowns and preventing people from attending Sunday services and restricting families and friends from gathering and shutting down businesses to the point where people had to permanently close many many businesses. Why is it that “righteous anger” didn’t apply to these wicked situations? The way this author understand anger is essential to what is coming our way as the Global Agenda pushes forward.

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