This so-called gift of prosperity Shuts our eyes, blinding us to see How our idols of excess Make us deaf to the distressed Because we’re just so “blessed” We can’t deal with the mess Striving for the “American dream” We’re worshipping gods of greed They keep us numb to the nightmare Feeding selfishness, preventing care … Continue reading Prosperity

When Disaster Strikes: Responding to Hurricane Matthew

Yesterday, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti. Once again, Haiti is faced with devastation and an infrastructure inadequate to deal with it. After the catastrophic earthquake in 2010, Haiti was the beneficiary of billions of dollars in relief funds. Yet somehow, it is still among the most impoverished places of the world. The money so generously given was … Continue reading When Disaster Strikes: Responding to Hurricane Matthew

Take two.

A little less than 3 years ago, I started a blog. 12 months and only 14 posts later, I quit. I wasn’t in a habit of regular writing, and couldn’t stay motivated. Plus, I don’t think I’m an exceptionally good writer…so why bother? The funny thing is, I’ve loved writing for as long as I … Continue reading Take two.