This so-called gift of prosperity
Shuts our eyes, blinding us to see
How our idols of excess
Make us deaf to the distressed
Because we’re just so “blessed”
We can’t deal with the mess

Striving for the “American dream”
We’re worshipping gods of greed
They keep us numb to the nightmare
Feeding selfishness, preventing care
Because we just don’t dare
To see the adversity out there

Lift your eyes and look around
Perceive the suffering that abounds
The hunger, the sadness
The violence, the madness
The executed unborn
The virgins raped and scorned
Such destruction and such pain
The deception is insane
As wicked men reign
Hurting others for their gain

Refugees drowning in the deep
Lonely nights when orphans weep
The homeless sick and cold
Persecution of the bold
Babies abandoned, just days old
Countless slaves still being sold

It’s time we forget our so-called “needs”
Look to others and do good deeds
Speaking to injustice, giving to the poor
Not staying silent, not keeping more
Done protecting ourselves, opening the door
To a world worth caring for



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