My Community is Not Normal (in the best way).

5 thoughts on “My Community is Not Normal (in the best way).”

  1. This is such a beautiful picture of what our Christian community should and many times does look like. Very happy that this is the community that you are surrounded by and praying for your little one.

  2. I love your community. I am adopted and it was considered very normal to celebrate with other families who were adopting as well. It was also very normal to grieve with those who have had adoptions fall through.

  3. My sister is adopted, so I know how excruciating the wait and the process can be. In our case though, we had her under our custody during the entire adoption process. But anyway, I’m glad that you have a community that fully supports you. We didn’t have that at first, and it was difficult, but I’m glad that things are changing now.

    On another note, community. Such a bittersweet term for me. It’s something I’ve always longed for, but feel like I may never have – at least in terms of depth, trust and intimacy.

  4. I think adoption is so beautiful–whether it be international or domestic. We must let the Holy Spirit guide us. You’ve really inspired me to adopt one day when I get married. It’s super cool how that person noticed all of those physical features about your daughter! As a nanny, I guess I will know what to look for too!

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