Lament for Aleppo

Irreversibly broken
This world that exists
The pain, the sorrow
Never seems to desist

A city laid waste
People groan goodbye
Knowing today
Or tomorrow they die

Hopeless, helpless
No end in sight
Terror of violence
Pervades day and night

Bloodied bodies
Cover the ground
Others trapped
No hope to be found

Haunting, deafening
Terrible cries
Rise through rubble
Echo through skies

Fathers wailing
The loss of their sons
Mothers hiding
Daughters from guns

Stricken, Stunned
With nothing to say
We watch in horror
Far, far away

Hearts breaking
Nowhere to go
We cry “Have mercy—
God save Aleppo!”

9 Things You Should Know About Aleppo and the Syrian Crisis

Give to Refugees

10 thoughts

  1. My, that was gut wrenching! And the photos so sad. I’m glad those people are not forgotten by our merciful God. He is aware of their suffering. May He grant them some peace and hope in the midst of the chaos!


  2. Indeed, my heart cries out with yours and others… “have mercy – God save Aleppo!” Thank-you for expressing with such heartfelt compassion the burden for God’s children, our brothers and sisters, of Aleppo.


  3. Congratulations, I have picked this post as my post of the week, that means I will read out your post on my radio show. Look out for the radio show posted called ‘This week’ on Friday for you to have a listen. Congratulations once more 😃


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