Happy Juneteenth!

It is a joyous day!
Joyous because it commemorates freedom.
Joyous because it celebrates the broken shackles of countless Black men, women, and children.
Joyous because of what it ended, and what it won.

But it’s also sobering.
Sobering because those Black men, women, and children should never have been enslaved in the first place.
Sobering because man is capable of such evil.
Sobering because of the suffering that could never be undone—freedom doesn’t erase centuries of oppression.

There is progress to celebrate and evil to lament.

On a day like today, rejoice in the hope of Christ.
He can bind every wound, heal every heart, make right every wrong.
He is a defender of the oppressed.
In Him, there is perfect justice, eternal freedom, and unshakeable hope.

To all my Black brothers and sisters, I pray that you will rest in that hope as you celebrate today.

“The LORD works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed.” Psalm 103:6

Happy Juneteenth!.png

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