Despair Cannot Drown Us, God is Greater

7 thoughts on “Despair Cannot Drown Us, God is Greater”

  1. That is one of your BEST posts. I pray it will reach thousands with the hope of the Lord. Thank you for your true heart in the midst of sorrow but not despair. I love you.

  2. Oh I love this! The dark side of things where we find God’s worth. I live with a life threatening, incurable illness & this is EVERYTHING. You nailed what I believe & cling to.

  3. I desperately needed to read these words today. I’m struggling after experiencing deep hurt and betrayal that happened in the church. I struggle to even go to church right now, even though I do usually go, I just resent the feeling that I have to go. I love how you described God meeting us in the dark places. I’m in a dark place, but I do live in the hope that this is just temporary. As I process these feelings I know healing is going to happen. He has been incredibly faithful. Your words just spoke to me so much. Thank you.

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